Natursutten Pacifier - Butterfly Round

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A Natural Rubber Pacifier made by Natursutten. Softer-than-silicone material enables this natural soother to follow baby's natural mouth movements, to not leave marks on baby's face, and to have optimal strength and stretchiness. This natural pacifier is molded into one peice which eliminates areas where bacteria and dirt can hide. The protein that may provoke a latex allergy reaction in some is eliminated during production. From pure natural rubber of the Hevea brasiliensis tree which makes this a 100% natural, ecologically sustainable, environmentally friendly and biodegradable pacifier.

With a Natursutten pacifier, you avoid: • Allergy causing substances • Artificial color • Cancer causing substances • Hormone disturbing substances • Chemical softeners • Parabens, PVC and phthalates

The design, the company and the idea is Danish and the product is manufactured exclusively in Italy.

Conforms to the European Union (EU) directive concerned with safety, health and environment. (Pacifier Safety requirements by European standard EN 1400).