The Altie Store is an online natural health store located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The purpose of my store is to provide healthy, natural alternative products to conventional items found in local and big box stores. I believe God's design of nature is best. Because food and environment play a large role in the health and happiness of us human beings, coupled with the responsibility of raising healthy and happy children, I have spent an immeasurable amount of time searching for natural alternatives that I desire to have in my own home. I would like to offer the same opportunity to others. 
I have personal experience with many items in our store. I know my products well and have a passion for natural health! Any questions? Wondering if we could carry a specific item? Don't hesitate to let me know.
Where does my passion for natural living and alternative health come from? 
Let me tell you my story. I had always been somewhat thin, but at the age of 19, I was spending time overseas and had gained almost 30 pounds more than my usual weight. I suffered from chronic bronchial, sinus and tonsil issues. Round after round of antibiotics and drinking all the water in the world did not seem to dent whatever illnesses were taking over me. As far as I was concerned, I was a victim of my health and I did not see any connection between my lifestyle and my health issues whatsoever. Please don't misread me. I'm definitely not saying that everyone who is ill is responsible for his or her position, but rather that we can lower risks by taking responsibility in areas we can control. At this point, I wasn't taking responsibility for anything! I ate what I wanted, did what I wanted, bought what I wanted. I figured if it was good enough to be on the market, it was safe enough for me and there were no limits.
My low came in 2004. At that point I had been spending my work lunch hours in the doctor's office, cold-steaming my lungs to rid them of mucus. I attempted to attend a friend's funeral, but spent most of it coughing in a different room. It was embarassing, stressful and annoying.

My health issues began to negatively impact every aspect of my life and my frustration was growing. What I was doing was obviously not working, and I knew I could no longer live like that anymore. I was desperate and willing to try anything. I came across some natural living and eating books and decided to change everything about the way I lived... one brisk step at a time.

I quit my favorite fast food joints. I changed my toothpaste. I did a 'candida cleanse' which I had never heard about before. I was shocked to learn what was really in most conventional foods whether it be agents for pourability in table salt or GMOs in general. I had been so concerned with counting calories, fiber and grams of fat and trying to stick to the food guide while I was ignoring what our foods are actually made up of! It was like my world just opened up. Once I began to eat differently and tried some simple cleanses, my lungs began to heal and my sinuses cleared. I could watch an entire movie without interrupting anyone with my coughing! It was a miracle. 

I didn't stop at just food. Over those next few years, I looked at the prescriptions I was taking. At the ingredients I was applying to my skin and scalp daily. I looked at what my clothing was made of. The plastic container I was eating out of. What type of paint I was putting on my walls. I began to search out more natural and safe alternatives for almost everything in my life. My appreciation and awe of the design of nature just blossomed!

It's absolutely amazing to me when I think about how much better I feel in my 30-something year old body than I did a dozen years ago. In a way, I am thankful I was ill in my younger years and forced to search for answers and alternatives. I am so passionate about natural health and I love sharing it with others (who want to hear about it. Haha!).


Are there health risks associated with the use of conventional products? In short: there can be. Many large companies will offer a product containing ingredients that are allowable, but not necessarily safe or beneficial. Reasons such as (but not limited to) profit or performance can infuence the choices of ingredients used.
What can you do to improve the quality of life for you and your family? Get to know the products you have in your home. Read your labels and look up the ingredients on websites such as http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/. Contact companies directly for any questions you have on their products. Don't just settle... you have a right to use products that won't negatively affect your health!