Homeocan Kids 0-9 Teething Drops

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Reduce pain and agitation that comes with your baby's teething! Teething solution Kids 0-9 is free of sugar, alcohol and dyes, and comes conveniently in dropper form.

This formula uses:

  • Arnica for gum pain and swelling
  • Borax for gum inflammation
  • Hypericum for pain following the nerve path

Homeocan advises you to take these remedies in addition to traditional medical treatment. Homeopathy cannot replace a treatment prescribed by a professional.



Medicinal: Chamomilla 5C (German chamomile), Arnica montana 5C (Leopard’s bane), Borax 5C (Sodium borate), Hypericum perforatum 5C (St John’s wort)

Non medicinal: Purified water, Sorbitol, Sodium benzoate, Potassium sorbate, Citric acid, Orange oil


25 ml